Alex & Thea here.
Thea makes food. Alex makes videos. Together, we make super watchable content.
Our professional relationship began at Goop. We knew we had something good going on when we found ourselves equally giddy over some roasted brussels sprouts—though for very different reasons.
The light caramelization of each charred leaf prompted Thea to blurt out “enigmatic!” a word she used then and hasn’t pulled out since. Alex couldn’t get over how when captured through her macro lens, the interior of a single seared sprout became almost like a landscape.
Over a tray of baked leaves a great partnership was born.
Good storytelling lies at the heart of everything we make. While we love a nice Manchego, when it comes to video content we know the difference between cheesy and quality. The world of food videos can be a familiar one, and oftentimes unnecessarily serious. The goal of Short Stack is simple: to combine compelling narratives with striking food imagery. It’s a potent combination and we do it really well. 
At Short Stack, we specialize in creating quality content for compelling brands.
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